miércoles, 19 de noviembre de 2008


Hola mtra. el siguiente es el resumen en inglés de mi trabajo que es lo que le faltaba, disculpe que no se lo había subido antes pero andaba un poco ocupada. Saludos, nos vemos en clase.
The nopal cactus (Opuntia spp) is an original plant from arid and semi-arid zones that, due to its chemical composition, favors the digestion of low-density lipoproteins, it reduces the blood glycemic levels and represents a high source of fiber. Therefore, a dehydrated nopal cactus product to be used in the formulation of dressings was elaborated as an alternative of industrialization for the human consumption of this Cactaceae. The raw material was obtained from the local market and its crude fiber content was determined (9.07% dry basis). After that, the nopal cactus was washed and cut up into 5 mm slices and it was dehydrated in an air convection oven for 2.5 h at 75°C. For the dressing basis two mixtures were elaborated: one of powdered serrano chili, powdered onion, dehydrated garlic and salt and the second one with an addition of pepper and paprika. The mixtures were packed in polyethylene bags. A sensory evaluation was carried out using a panel of 100 non-trained judges. The most accepted sample was the one with pepper and paprika showing a 98% of preference among the studied population. The partial chemical characterization of the dressing basis showed a 4.16% of water and 28.60 % of ashes (on a dry basis). According to the results of this study, the elaborated product shows a great potential of commercialization as a dressing.
e. Q. A. Gloria Elizabeth Mayboca Lucero

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